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They claim to be a law firm calling about Cash advances we failed to pay. We have never received any cash advances.
to know about it
S***, This is an unsolicited telemarketing call on my cell phone. They are STEALING my money.
it was all through text he stated he had animals that belong to me
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Do not know no one answered
Saying hello
Stop calling please
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This dude Name is Mike calling from a NY number he is a creep and a fraud i wouldnt trust this guy. He is currently in vegas
Several different non-native English speaking persons representing themselves as a US government officials contact our business day-after-day asking to speak to an employee about "an investigation". Extremely rude, aggressive and threatening. Sounds like an overseas call center and wreaks of fraud.
This number has been calling my work and is very rude to the employees who answer the phone and been leaving bad messages on my email.saying their taking me to court.evn telling the employees that answer the phone so tired of being harassed by them.i don't owe them anything.this needs to stop.
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OOPS, forgot the link. Sorry, here it is. :)
He was trying to offer a job?
IRS money owed
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