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Scam!!! I don't owe anyone money for a loan. Also, arrest warrants are delivered in person by US Marshal and not by email or fax.
because any time disturbe me
This number, along with: - MIke Williams @ 330-812-3579 - Drew @ 864-208-1933 - Mike Williams @ 530-733-0019 - Bill @ 508-463-0712, 800-666-3947 - Ricky Walker @ 510-256-0365 - Justin Marahall @ 567-244-2519, 484-422-0051, x-2810, 484-223-1779 - Chuck Rowe @ 330-812-3665 - Samuel Jolley @ 845-249-4490 All men have an Eastern Indian (India) accent. All VERY aggressive. All calls have to do with alleged PayDay Loans that were not repaid; all overdue balances are in excess of 1 year. None have been able to provide documentation supporting the allegations. While I do admit my own stupidity in having paid over $10,000 over the past 2 years, I'm sick and tired of this and want it to stop. As of today, 07/01/14, I'm declaring my independence. I've told the last 2 individuals that I generated payments to (Samuel Jolley [$460] & Chuck Rowe [$650]), that I'm having them and their company(ies) investigated and to not call at my work number anymore - ever. The response has been that they are only "attempting" to help my credit score by getting these "unpaid" reports off of my report. (BS, I say!!) Please let me know if I can be of ANY help in investigating, setting up a sting or any other course of action against all these people to bring this down!!! Thanks!
Vincent Cage he is an officer of the law and my ss number has been linked in a illegal something or another with my account and it is very serious. I may have my bank account held from me and my wages etc. Please research this is some kind of nut
A legal matter for a payday loan
No idea, never answer the call. Calls everyday sometimes several times a day
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Not sure
They called my direct extension at work over 80 times on 6.26.14 in a span of 2 hours. When I sent their calls to voice mail, they then proceeded to call our main number over 40 times in 45 minutes. The names given to me (and they all sound like the same person) include: Dennis Parker, Daniel (could not understand last name), and Ross Taylor. They told me, the switchboard, and our security officers (who actually came to my office to answer my phone and told them to stop calling) that they wanted to speak to my supervisor, that I owed them $530 and to put it on a money pack (what is that???) and call them with the numbers on the pack and only then would they stop calling. At times I could barely understand them and when I did understand what they were saying, it was very menacing. They would not or could not provide specific information regarding my "case" with them and said the file was "locked" and to pay the money today or else. (Or else what butt munches???) As of right now, I have not heard from them and I hope to not ever again. Something needs done to this "company".
Number keeps on appearing.
They sent a text and said thank you for the goodies and included a link to I did not click on the link but asked who this was and they said Mom. This was a lie - my Mom is 90, blind and does not know how to text. Phone number has been blocked.
A man with a heavy accent calling himself Raymond Braypor (or something similar) called me 6 times today (during the course of 8 minutes) insisting that I put him through to one of my co-workers. He refused the offer to be sent to their phone extension. He insisted I take a message, refused to get off the phone, insulted me and when I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor he refused at which he threatened to do something worse to me. He was very aggressive and extremely unprofessional. I asked him to not call again.
Stop calling please
He was trying to offer a job?
I just the same call with the exact message on my voicemail, they don't ask for anyone's name they just talking barely can understand his english.I say ignore that call
I didn't pick up
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