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Stop calling please
This number has been calling my work and is very rude to the employees who answer the phone and been leaving bad messages on my email.saying their taking me to court.evn telling the employees that answer the phone so tired of being harassed by them.i don't owe them anything.this needs to stop.
Just one more shake down by some company attempting to steal information and money from people. Using an Oregon phone number 503-457-4239 of a defunct business, to make threats towards people that might be vulnerable. If fact the scammers are calling from the East Coast, using a spoof number to threaten people.
Threat, and rude comments
A man name Vicente cadge keeps calling my job saying that is very important he speaks to me,he never said what it is about. I was on vacation he wanted to know where, so when my coworker didn\'t tell him he got ugly with her. He will call my work about ten times a day and also my cell about twenty times,I don\'t answer.
I received a call from the 845-262-3648 stating that he was Max Morris from Coopers Law firm stating that we needed to call our attorney before they take legal action but the call I got was a recording or at least it sounded like a recording. I tried to talk but it didn't answer just kept talking. I see everyone is getting them but no one says what to do about it.
He was trying to offer a job?
Weird late night text
hang up
Scam!!! I don't owe anyone money for a loan. Also, arrest warrants are delivered in person by US Marshal and not by email or fax.
Not sure
Who is this
A very stubborn caller. I have had calls from thin number severally and every time I call back am told that the number does not exist. I only receive calls from family and friends because of my own personal reasons but this persistent caller is a bother and the worst part is that the number is non-existent when you call back!
aaya paresan kar raha
a long lost friend
wher dose the person llive
no message
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