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Annoying.... rude.... disruptive.... ties up all phone lines...... ugh..... all day long.....
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It is my phone number
wrong number
This number has been calling my work and is very rude to the employees who answer the phone and been leaving bad messages on my email.saying their taking me to court.evn telling the employees that answer the phone so tired of being harassed by them.i don't owe them anything.this needs to stop.
Called and no answer
about name
A man name Vicente cadge keeps calling my job saying that is very important he speaks to me,he never said what it is about. I was on vacation he wanted to know where, so when my coworker didn\'t tell him he got ugly with her. He will call my work about ten times a day and also my cell about twenty times,I don\'t answer.
Not sure
Saying hello
Part of a telephone message ( the caller had obviously started speaking before the tone) from a foreign individual, accent probably asian or possible oriental, informing me that my attorney should call their number before they took legal proceeding or arrested me. How gullible do they think I am! the number appears to be a USA number and the name of the firm purporting to be calling is Max Morris. I see, from reading other complaints that they claim to be a debt collection agency. These scam calls are not just annoying, they are vicious and have the potential to cause great distress. I suspect they target households where residents are of retiring age, as am I. Fortunately attaining the age of 65 does not equate with being gaga but there must be those who, alone and confused, could be duped by these callous criminals. What can be done to stop this?
Red Hook, NY 12571
The other number that was use 630-318-4762.
Scam!!! I don't owe anyone money for a loan. Also, arrest warrants are delivered in person by US Marshal and not by email or fax.
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