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Unknown number
Keep xalling
I got a call from this number they use to cLl from a different number but it's about the same thing, their looking for a person I know that's part of an investigation. I have told them over and over to remove my number. One time they claimed they did but now I'm getting caps again. How do I stop the harassment on a phone I pay for from this Company. Their name is Loomin Smth agency ( by the way I'm not sure on the spelling.)
Wanted to speak to the person that handles my fuel bill.... then stated a few names (pronounced wrong by the way) I guess to show the call as being legit. Told them we don't have a fuel manager.... and to quit calling.
The Central Reservations office called me. People from the Philippines in call centers sell timeshares for GEVC, Great Destinations, and other timeshare entities. They always lie and say they are local in the US, but they are not.
Yes who is this. I'm trying to find the person behind this phone number
Received a call from this number regarding my diabetic supplies they had all my information address and phone number is this a scam or who are these people i hung up on them before i answered any questions
numerous calls. Left one message about an investigation. My number was Associated with a number case in their office. They said to return call number 554.14.6205.
Medical Clinic of Plano Save call, call about appointment time and Lab result
This number is calling everyone in my family that has my last name stating I have a felony warrant. They can not even tell what for.
Court docs
Various texts
I don't know. When I call back I get a computer sound like the old days of computers. Like it's setting up the internet. They constantly call. Very annoying. I have never ordered any diabetic supplies or talked to anyone about this.
Don't know, they never leave a message, just call 6-7 times a day. Probably uniformed debt collector. Very unprofessional.
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