Phone Numbers

IRS money owed
calls calls calls never leaves name ........I don't answer very aggravating... interrupting what I am doing and not having courtesy to leave a msg.
didnt' leave message
No one answers. Keeps calling
Do not know no one answered
Didn’t say
Dont know
Hung up on answer
Not sure
Today I received a call from +917838669337 and told me my Visa card is blocked and they need my card details such as card number, expiry dates etc. I AM AWARE OF THIS KID OF FRAUD. SO DIDN'T SHARE ANY DETAILS. Still I think I need to report this insident. Please take necessary actions. Thanks
They keep calling but leave no information... they dont say who they are leaving the message for... just that they are a debt collector. i only owe my car and my credit card and im up to date on both. you ask them to take your number off of their calling list and they just pop up with a different number . there is no way of getting rid of them
medic alert sales rep
calls calls calls never leaves name ........I don't answer.
Do not answer the call
Didn’t answer
Same with me. Had a heavy accent and I could barely understand him. Wanted me to click on the Windows key & some other key at the same time and tell him what it said. I asked why and he said he'd help me block the hackers. Told him he was the hacker and hung up.
trys to SKYPE you and then blackmail not to release video
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